Republic of Kenya Debt

All Loans for the year 2004

CreditorProjectAmount (Kshs.)
AFD (FRANCE)Kisumu Drinking Water Purification Proj.1,779,636,000  
EDC (CANADA)Paris Club Resch. 2004 EDC (Canada) KENPC3267,351,582  
BELGIUMParis Club Resch. 2004 Belgium(Ducroire)(Agreement III)803,692,179  
BELGIUMParis Club Resch.2004 Belgium (ODA)23,160,770  
DENMARKRural Infrastructure-Mt.Kenya Region688,563,116  
DENMARKGeothermal Power Plant Olkaria IV-Invest678,415,991  
DENMARKWter Supp. & sanitation Nzoia Cluster845,327,100  
DENMARKSmallholder Irrigation Prg. Mt Kenya Reg293,639,940  
DENMARKParis Club Resc.2004 Germany (Consortium-Hermes)58,442,338  
DENMARKParis Club Resch. 2004 Germany(ODA- KFW)779,491,097  
DENMARKParis Club Resch. 2004 Denmark723,138,000  
FRANCEParis Club Resch. 2004 France (ODA) BDF1,631,991,978  
FRANCEParis Club Resch. 2004 France (Non-ODA) COFACE670,964,730  
ITALYParis Club Resch. 2004 Italy (USD)64,701,749  
ITALYParis Club Resch. 2004 Italy (EURO)2,828,791,501  
JAPANSondu Miriu Hydro Power II5,667,498,000  
JAPANParis Club Rescheduling (Japan Ministry of Agriculture) Food Agency84,558,635  
JAPANParis Club Rescheduling (JBIC))9,229,068,062  
JAPANJapan 2004 Commercial Rescheduling (NEXI)16,363,455  
JAPANParis Club Rescheduling JBIC (KBC,TARDA,EAPC)3,281,945,900  
UKParis Club Resched.2004 U.K ECGD Agreement NO.3236,622,129  
USAParis Club Resched.2004 USA (USAID Debts)854,281,135  
USAParis Club Resched.2004 USA (DOD Debts)1,617,621  
EXIM (USA)Paris Club Resched.2004 USA (EXIM)113,096,230  
ADFASAL Based Livestock & Rural Livelihoods1,846,523,000  
ADFEducation III2,433,278,000  
ADFRural Health Project III1,723,154,000  
ADFRift Valley Water Supply & Sanitation1,307,912,000  
BADEARehab & Dev of Irrigated land Hola Ph.1332,050,000  
IDANorthern Corridor Transport Improvement13,885,532,000  
IDAAgricultural Productivity Project1,805,400,000  
IDAMicro, Small and Medium Ent. Comp. Proj1,504,500,000  
IDAEnergy Sector Recovery Project5,536,560,000  
IDAFinancial & Legal Sector Tech. Assist.Pj1,223,660,000  
IFADSouth Nyanza Community Devt. Project1,093,270,000  
NDFEnergy Sector Recovery Project889,818,000  
NDFNorthern Corridor Transport Improvement Project1,423,708,800  
OPECRural Health Project III531,280,000