Republic of Kenya Debt

All Loans for the year 2002

CreditorProjectAmount (Kshs.)
AFD (FRANCE)EL Nino Rehabilitation 21,156,763,400  
AFD (FRANCE)Rehabilitation of Meru National Park729,650,760  
CDC (UK)CDC Rescheduling ( Actis) L39920140,095,405  
EDC (CANADA)Restruc. Agreement 2000 EDC (CANADA) KENPC2905,427,432  
CHINAShamakhokho-Kipsigak Road Project3435,140,000  
APEXPolice Airwing Helicopters850,048,000  
FMSCVSAT Equipment and Services782,774,670  
LBASEarly Warning System for the MET Departm2,324,350,000  
LBASPrisons Department2,642,759,460  
NEDMCommunication Center3,283,762,102  
SDCPolice Equipment- Addedum 21,992,300,000  
SDCPolice Equipment - Addendum 32,114,926,065  
USATBandwidth Spectrum & 10 years Service1,866,546,024  
ADFRoads 2000- District Rural Roads Rehabilitation Project2,006,000,000  
ADFConverted from ADF DEM 1981035 (Ndia Water Supply)150,091,722  
ADFConverted from ADF DEM 1983022 (Muranga, Kissi, Bungoma Sewerage)450,703,788  
ADFConverted from ADF FRF 1983024 (Muranga,Kissi, Bungoma Sewerage)6,423,560  
ADFConverted from ADF PTE 1983027(Secondary Teacher Training )999,958  
ADFConverted from ADF FRF 1983031(Secondary Teacher Training)14,898,412  
ADFConverted from ADF ESP 1983032 (Seondary Teacher Training)6,055,010  
ADFConverted from ADF DEM 1983033 (Secondary Teacher Training)40,305,145  
ADFConverted from ADF BEF 1983036 (Secondary Teacher Training)8,090,486  
ADFConverted from ADF DEM 1983039 (Mumias-Kakamega Road)232,845,329  
ADFConverted from ADF FRF 19830616,326,866  
ADFConverted from ADF FRF 1986022 (Rural Health)8,592,976  
ADFConverted from ADF DEM 1986024( Rural Health)34,346,838  
ADFConverted from ADF ITK 1986025 (Rural Health)21,816,111  
ADFConverted from ATS 1987024 ADF(West Kenya Rainfed Rice)45,179,850  
ADFConverted from BEF 1987025 ADF (West Kenya Rainfed Rice)78,206,933  
ADFConverted from DEM 1987027 ADF (West Kenya Rainfed Rice)110,370,460  
ADFConverted from FRF 1987029 ADF(West Kenya Rainfed Rice)12,049,842  
ADFConverted from ITK 1987030 ADF (West Kenya Rainfed Rice)973,191  
ADFConverted from NLG 1987032 ADF (West Kenya Rainfed Rice)69,509,774  
ADFConverted from PTE 1987033 ADF (West Kenya Rainfed Rice)78,520,276  
ADFConverted from ATS 1987037 ADF (KIE line Of Credit)1,085,824  
ADFConverted from DEM 1987039 ADF( KIE Line of Credit)23,472,598  
ADFConverted from ITK 1987040 ADF(KIE Line of Credit)8,148,581  
ADFConverted from NLG 1987042 ADF(KIE Line of Credit)13,754,999  
ADFConverted from ITK 1989065 ADF(Industrial Sector Adjustment Loan)994,698,495  
ADFConverted from DEM 1989069 ADF( Third Nairobi Water)245,807,752  
ADFConverted from DEM 1989075 ADF(Thika Makutano Road)147,006,810  
ADFConverted from PTE 1989078 ADF(Thika-Makutano Road)1,046,604  
ADFConverted from FRF 1989076 ADF(Thika -Makutano Road)7,155,473  
ADFConverted from DEM 1991029 ADF(Rural Roads Upgrading Proj.)631,101,499  
ADFConverted from FRF 1991053 ADF(Rural Roads upgrading proj.)203,260,850  
ADFConverted from DEM 1991039 ADF(Ziwa-Kitale Road)302,088,363  
ADFConverted from FRF 1991052 ADF(Ziwa-Kitale Road)79,105,558  
ADFConverted from FRF 1991042 ADF(Agricultural Sector Adjustment Prog.)385,879,142  
ADFConverted from DEM 1991047 ADF (Nyayo Tea Zone)230,812,094  
ADFConverted from FRF 1991051 ADF( Nyayo Tea Zone)15,399,080  
ADFConverted from DEM 1993011 ADF( Export Development Programme)1,403,449,426  
ADFConverted from DEM 1993014 ADF(Education II)3,772,605  
ADFConverted from FRF 1993015 ADF( Education II)3,414,232  
ADFConverted from FRF 1993019 ADF (Livestock Project)16,592,713  
ADFConverted from DEM 1996021 ADF-Third Nairobi Water-Supplementary Lo372,028,649  
AFDBConverted from ADB FRF 1991020 (Agricultural Sector Adj. Prog.)215,358,008  
AFDBConverted from ADB DEM 1991055 (Rural Roads Upgrading)3,374,485  
AFDBConverted from ADB FRF 1991056 (Rural Roads Upgrading)33,734,138  
IDAconvert. Special Act.Cred. BEF 198002530,640,105  
IDAConverted Special Act.Cred.Dem 1980027303,766,867  
IDAConverted Special Act.Cred. FRF198002895,748  
IDAConverted Special Act. Cred. IEP 19800291,737,687  
IDAConverted Special Act.Cred. LUF 19800304,071,887  
IDAConverted Special Act.Cred. NLG 198003274,537,717  
OPECBasic Education Improvement909,817,000