Republic of Kenya Debt

All Loans for the year 1990

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CreditorProjectAmount (Kshs.)
CANADAPurchase of Microwave Telephone System1,540,002,233  
JAPANMombasa Airport Improvement Project  
JAPANTana Basin Development Road Project II4,838,370,000  
JAPANTana Delta Irrigation Project3,500,912,281  
JAPANCement Plant Rehabilitation Project3,238,647,000  
BELGIUMPurchase Of 100 Bus Chassis4,021,625,220  
BOBLDues of Miwani Sugar Mills Ltd.683,263,964  
WELBMiwani Sugar, Formerly Chase Manhattan509,338,770  
CULTDues of Miwani Sugar Mills Ltd.87,876,450  
KIELCredit Agreement (Meru Milk Plant)347,257,420  
BISVarious Goods411,048,245  
GBUKEwaso Nyiro171,382,179  
GBUKEwaso Ngiro (South) Multipurpose Projec1,733,888,868  
BISVarious Goods625,744,818  
MBLJKA Rehabilitation41,121,720  
KBCBSupply Of Transformers2,696,633,759  
GOCAPurchase of Microwave Telephone System258,631,995  
NATEPipeline Extension To Western Kenya0  
GOCAPipeline Extension To Western Kenya3,096,054,123  
GOJPPipeline Extension To Western Kenya3,824,460  
FECLAdditional Loan To Loan key 1989119176,663,326  
EADBNzoia Sugar Company40,520,364  
SCEFRural Automation - UK941,659,864  
SUCODomestic Earth Station2,422,060  
SWDDiesel Generator Sets329,078,019  
IDAFourth Population Project2,092,918,994  
IDAFinancial Parastatals Tech. Assist. Pr.258,329,291  
IDAExport Development Project10,706,489,072  
JAPANFinancial Sector Adjustment Programme0  
ADFRural Roads Upgrading Project-ADF109,455,328  
ADFRural Roads Upgrading Project-ADF274,654,170  
ADFRural Roads Upgrading Project-ADF982,497,959  
ADFZiwa - Kitale Road Project59,489,179  
ADFZiwa - Kitale Road Project0  
ADFZiwa - Kitale Road Project667,957,370  
ADFAgricultural Sector Adjustment Programme307,955,650  
ADFAgricultural Sector Adjustment Programme378,266,400  
ADFNyayo Tea Zone Development Co_operation108,529,208  
ADFNyayo Tea Zone Development Co_operation149,149,067  
ADFNyayo Tea Zone Development Co_operation37,047,554  
AFDBAgricultural Sector Adjustment Programme818,391,057  
AFDBRural Roads Upgrading Project-ADB55,710,582  
AFDBRural Roads Upgrading Project-ADB585,830  
AFDBRural Roads Upgrading Project -ADB145,438,006  
AFDBRural Roads Upgrading Project -ADB144,741,466  
IDAForestry Development Project1,205,996,513  
IDASecond National Agricultural Ext.Projec1,156,697,704  
IDASecond Agricultural Sector Adj. Credit2,593,802,481  
IDAEducation Sector Adjustment Credit14,428,155,000  
IDAHealth Rehabilitation Project1,956,311,114  
IDAUniversities Investment Project3,857,850,287  
IFADFarmers'Group & Commu'ty Support Project98,599,275  
IFADCoast "ASAL" Development Project600,505,689