Republic of Kenya Debt

All Loans for the year 1986

CreditorProjectAmount (Kshs.)
DENMARKDenmark:Goods & Serv.For Co.Creamries1,525,415,475  
JAPANKilifi Bridge Construction3,122,891,524  
USAAgricultural Development Progr. Ph.II114,511,693  
PWIN (USA)Small Towns Shelters & Comm Dev Ph II232,435,000  
GOCAVarious Goods1,823,937,368  
OPECRainfed Rice Development Project302,165,500  
BBCNVarious Goods994,874,928  
OPECAnimal Health Rehabilitation Project332,050,000  
GBUKGrindlays Turkwell Sterling Loan.1,433,189,690  
AUSTRIALoan For Kenya Fibre Corporation1,319,586,695  
BISVarious Goods56,410,035  
BISVarious Goods184,342,102  
GOITImportation Of Telecom. Equipment314,575,005  
IBRDThird Telecommunication Project2,164,966,000  
PKBNNational Control Centre System1,041,882,200  
JHSWKipevu Turbine751,298,340  
JHSWFinancing Of Oil Pipeline237,393,466  
SCEFRural Automation-Irish-111,271,742,000  
MHTCRural Automation -UK-Line 2178,200,236  
MHTCRural Automation UK-216,337,136  
MHTCRural Automation UK-Line 233,611,324  
MHTCRural Automation UK-Line -26,139,608  
MHTCRural Automation UK-Line 224,518,954  
MHTCRural Automation UK- LIne 231,909,715  
MHTCRural Automation UK- Line 2197,500,396  
MHEFRural Automatoin-UK Line Of Credit 2196,625,581  
MHEFRural Automation-UK Line Of Credit 21,592,491  
MHEFRural Automation-UK Line Of Credit 2208,546,577  
MHEFRural Automation- UK Line Of Credit10,361,941  
MHTCRural Automation -UK -Line 21,760,425  
MHTCRural Automation - UK Line 227,601,530  
MHTCRural Automation UK -Line 225,069,897  
BFCEGreater Nakuru Water Supply Project127,735,019  
BFCEGreater Nakuru Water Supply Project342,278,645  
BFCETurkwel Fixed Rate Swiss Franc6,144,061,307  
ADFRural Health Programme96,893,228  
ADFRural Health Programme67,494,165  
ADFRural Health Programme473,527,872  
BADEAThika-Garissa Road Project305,022,669  
EECTurbo _ Webuye Road Project.763,513,115  
IDASixth Education Project3,510,500,000  
IDAPetroleum Exp.Technical Assistance.550,688,305  
IDASecond Small Scale Industry Credit Prj.113,332,424  
IFADAnimal Health Services Rehab. Programme595,240,720