Republic of Kenya Debt

All Loans for the year 1981

CreditorProjectAmount (Kshs.)
AFDNdia Water Supply Project419,499,892  
IDAFourth Agricultural Project.822,460,000  
IDAFifth Education Project.3,048,922,439  
IBRDRailway Project3,219,938,676  
GOUSFarm Grain Storage51,589,200,000  
OPECSmall Scale Enterprises And Farmers198,420,000  
SADFThika-Garissa-Liboi Road Project1,736,717,912  
IBRDFourth Agricultural Credit Project1,653,500,000  
AFDBKenya Railways Project.241,262,976  
AFDBKenya Railways Project83,864,877  
AFDBKenya Railways Project44,829,165  
AFDBKenya Railways Project102,397,121  
AFDBKenya Railways Project66,529,690  
AFDBKenya Railways Project80,353,700  
AFDBKenya Railways Project141,680,000  
AFDBKenya Railways Project189,903  
AFDBHoma Bay - Rongo Road Project.237,566,921  
AFDBHoma Bay -Rongo Road Project4,854,442  
AFDBHoma Bay -Rongo Road Project27,975,147  
AFDBHoma Bay Rongo Road Project364,553  
AFDBHoma Bay -Rongo Road Project203,774  
AFDNdia Water Supply Project172,942,267  
AFDBNakuru - Nyahururu Road Project374,845,853  
AFDBNakuru - Nyahururu Road Project126,511  
AFDBNakuru - Nyahururu Road Project31,760,452  
AFDBNakuru - Nyahururu Road Project39,516,966  
AFDBNakuru - Nyahururu Road Project4,944,538  
AFDBNakuru-Nyahururu Road Project84,057,300  
AFDBNakuru-Nyahururu Road Project85,377,196  
IFCSmall or Medium Scale Enterprises580,428,169  
GODEFinancing Obligations Towards Rivatex684,108,537  
BECO132 Kv Mt. Kenya Feeder53,276,167  
BECO132 mt. Kenya Feeder104,089,875  
OPECLine I198,420,000  
BFCEModernisation Of Kenya Ports Authority874,158,423  
BFCEModernisation Of Kenya Railways Corp.94,782,505